It’s your case. Know your rights. Know the right lawyer.

Andrew Irlbeck Lawyer, Chartered

It’s your case. Know your rights. Know the right lawyer.

When you’re facing a tough case involving the government, the police, or prosecutors, calling the right lawyer, right away, is the most important choice you have to make.

A “Rising Star” in the Midwest legal community, Andrew Irlbeck has a history of success in criminal and civil rights litigation both in and out of the courtroom. Trusted by his clients, and respected by judges and other lawyers, Andrew Irlbeck is the only lawyer you need to call for your criminal defense or civil rights case.

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  • After spending many months trying to find a competent lawyer to represent me in an extremely unethical and complicated case (spanning civil rights, criminal, family and domestic violence law), he took me on and I won the lawyer jackpot. I have never in my life felt so supported and held by such strength, eloquence and competency. Of course my case was immediately dismissed. Andrew is a dream to work with for all the above reasons. Additionally, he is funny, approachable, extremely nonjudgmental, wholeheartedly ethical. Not only does he reply immediately to emails, he even answers his phone (a pleasure I'd never experienced with previous lawyers). Seeing him work in the courtroom was like watching a bull in a china shop, in a good way. The court staff, the prosecutor, the DA, everyone but the judge were squirming like naughty children, fumbling, their ineptitude and questionable ethics and protocol suddenly under question. The judge clearly derived much pleasure from this and from Andrews competency. He was like a breath of fresh air in the courtroom. Andrew was able to turn something that used to cause me debilitating anxiety and stress into something, dare i say, almost enjoyable!

    M.O., Client

  • I was assaulted by the police and charged with a felony that I did not commit. Nobody believed in me, until I met Andrew. Andrew took my case to trial and won. I was acquitted, and released from custody the same day. I've been in trouble before, and I've never had a lawyer who was as dedicated to my case, or as good in front of a jury as Andrew Irlbeck. -D.T.

    D.T., Client

  • It was a pleasure working with Andrew and Paul. They made my entire family feel welcomed and comfortable in the federal court system. The outcome of our situation was better than we expected due to their hard work!  Aisha Keten

    Aisha Keten, Client